[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Shadow Queen By C.J. Redwine – Tanitiyor.us

[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Shadow Queen By C.J. Redwine – Tanitiyor.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 405 pages
  • The Shadow Queen
  • C.J. Redwine
  • English
  • 21 April 2018

The Shadow QueenLorelai Diederich, Crown Princess And Fugitive At Large, Has One Mission Kill The Wicked Queen Who Took Both The Ravenspire Throne And The Life Of Her Father To Do That, Lorelai Needs To Use The One Weapon She And Queen Irina Have In Common Magic She Ll Have To Be Stronger, Faster, And Powerful Than Irina, The Most Dangerous Sorceress Ravenspire Has Ever Seen.In The Neighboring Kingdom Of Eldr, When Prince Kol S Father And Older Brother Are Killed By An Invading Army Of Magic Wielding Ogres, The Second Born Prince Is Suddenly Given The Responsibility Of Saving His Kingdom To Do That, Kol Needs Magic And The Only Way To Get It Is To Make A Deal With The Queen Of Ravenspire, Promise To Become Her Personal Huntsman And Bring Her Lorelai S Heart.But Lorelai Is Nothing Like Kol Expected Beautiful, Fierce, And Unstoppable And Despite Dark Magic, Lorelai Is Drawn In By The Passionate And Troubled King Fighting To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Dragon Huntsman Who She Likes Far Than She Should Lorelai Does Everything In Her Power To Ruin The Wicked Queen But Irina Isn T Going Down Without A Fight, And Her Final Move May Cost The Princess The One Thing She Still Has Left To Lose.

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    LOVED this book Such a phenomenal retelling of Snow White

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    This is a book about a girl who should be queen, rounding up her band of outsiders to reclaim her stolen kingdom with some magical help Oh wait a second, haven t we heard this one before Oh yeah Maybe I m mistaken, but it sounds like the plot of about 80% of YA fantasy novels.I read 5 chapters of The Shadow Queen before going to sleep the other night and I woke up the next day and couldn t remember what book I was in All the characters were mixed up in my head with those from every other YA fantasy and fairy tale retelling I had to read back through the first 5 chapters to remind myself.It s not even that there s anything to hate or make you angry about this book It s simply one of the most emotionless, forgettable books I ve read in a long time There is literally nothing to distinguish it from this completely saturated genre Yet another one to add to the ever growing generic pile.From start to finish yes, I forced myself through , I couldn t shake the feeling that the author wrote this book with a checklist in mind It s like the author set out with an agenda the intention of delivering every trope that s been a proved seller in the past.Generic heroine wants to reclaim kingdom check.Generic band of friends assisting her in reclaiming kingdom check.Generic prince check.Generic i.e non existent world building check.Generic mindless action check.Any attempts to add detail are vague and messy So far, just in this first volume, we ve come across mardushkas magic wielders , dragon shapeshifters, ogres and mentions of the fae None of these are developed very well, they re just a random bunch of supernatural whatever to stir into the pot.You might have noticed that I haven t bothered with a plot summary Well, just imagine the basic plot of Snow White and then form it into the generic outline of YA fantasy novels you ve pretty much got it.Hell, this was so boring.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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    Irina s smile disappeared I don t require all of the princess, huntsman A chill raced over Kol s skin I don t understand Our oath said She leaned forward, her eyes pinning Kol where he stood You agreed to do whatever I asked of you And I am asking you to bring me the princess s heart I feel like this book wants to be a mixture of Snow White and the Huntsman and the Grisha series and failed spectacularly at both, not least because it was so jaw achingly dull You ve got your terrifyingly long Russian sounding names Kolvanismir Arsenyevnek, really random ass magic that was never really explained, ogres, shape shifting dragons, andwell, this Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful of them all Commence eye rolling.This book is generic and boring, there s no denying it The main character is beautiful, of course The girl s brown eyes were guarded She had a smudge of dirt on one pale cheek, and her long dark curls were tangled from her sprint through the village, but even so, she was beautiful in a way that made Kol want to keep looking. And, she can fight and do other things Blah blah blah The girl s brown eyes were guarded She had a smudge of dirt on one pale cheek, and her long dark curls were tangled from her sprint through the village, but even so, she was beautiful in a way that made Kol want to keep looking. Retellings are supposed to be familiar, but in order for them to be successful, it has to either have spectacular writing, or provide a different element to the original tale This book is your general YA high fantasy retelling and nothing .Read this review and The Book Eaters

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    I guess I could finish reading this one, it s not like it would be a pain in the ass to do so, but I choose not to I choose not to because I just know it s not going to deserve than two stars in the end, and I don t have time to waste, sadly I wish I did, but time is precious when you re in college This story is not serious enough for me There s an illusion of seriousness, but I saw right through it.Also, what kind of person would name their pet bird SASHA

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    Normally I avoid fairy tale re tellings because I already know the story and how it ends And I m sure I m missing lots of great stories due to this mistaken belief I plan to change my attitudeernow When my editor sent me The Shadow Queen and ask me to read it for a potential blurb my first thought was cool cover And it wasn t until I started reading the book that I realized it had a few things in common with the story of Snow White those things are poisoned apples, an evil queen, and a huntsman otherwise, it s it own story.I really loved the characters especially the main protagonist, Lorelai and her brother Leo They re on the run from the evil queen who is a powerful magician However every time she used her magic, she drains the life from the land Lorelai wishes to restore the land and claim the throne her father was the king The huntsman I mentioned also happens to be able to turn into a dragon, which is a nice little twist on the fable and his kingdom is being overrun with ogres, which is why he s tricked into helping the evil queen.This is a great fantasy story that keeps the action moving Here s my quote for the cover With poison, fire, and deadly deeds, this tale is hard to put down and even harder to forget I ll never look at apples the same way again

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    A warrior doesn t focus on the odds stacked against her She focuses on her heart, on her will to face the evil in her world and defeat it, and then she finds a way to do it Buddy read with my favorite, sreeja Thanks for dealing with my paragraphs and ranting and all caps messages where I was reacting to whatever was happening including shocks and cringes I ve said this before and I ll say it again I ve never really liked retellings Going into this book, I knew I wouldn t be the biggest fan of it I remember reading a review by my friend Joel, another my Andrea and another by the well known Emily May They were all negative Even with that, I was still a little curious and I wanted to know why it was getting all these negative reviews Now I know why, and I regret wanting to know Even though I was curious to know, my friend and I had been planning a buddy read for so long and this book was on the list To get it over with, we decided to give it a try and even though we had similar thoughts about it, we managed to get through it and be satisfied with some parts but be angry at others The Shadow Queen is the typical YA fantasy to talk about Even if it s a retelling, there is no different Lorelai s mother was killed by her aunt and she was one of Lorelai s precious gifts Everything change for her that day even though she wasn t sure who killed her and why Not only did Irina take the throne of Ravenspire, but she also killed her father after pretending to be in love with him and getting Lorelai to call her mother Now, her mission is to kill her and take back the throne for the rightful princess she is The problem with Lorelai is that she knows she isn t strong enough to kill her because she knows her magic is weaker than Irina s With that being said, Lorelai knows she needs to train to become faster, stronger, and become powerful than her She might be able to prove herself worthy of killing the most powerful evil witch that Ravenspire has seen.On the other side of Eldr, Prince Kol s father and older brother are killed by an army of ogres, leaving Kol the responsibility of saving his kingdom even when he doesn t accept it Kol doesn t have magic, but he can shift into a dragon and fly to where Irina is to make a deal with her That deal involves becoming her personal huntsman, only to be sent to kill Lorelai and bring her heart But maybe Kol doesn t need magic after all when he might just have the help of the princess herself and her group to help him.Both didn t expect each other to be the way they are They both are drawn to each other as they are taking this journey together and both are curious to see how each other really is When they both team up to kill Irina herself, Kol must find a way to stop the magic controlling him from Irina and Lorelai must find a way to save him Lorelai is fierce, quick and beautiful to Kol, and he has dark magic that she wants to get drawn into even though he is a troubled king With the help of Kol, Lorelai tries her best to be ahead of Kol that way, she doesn t let anything and anyone stop her But maybe Irina planned this thing this whole time, and maybe she s planning to take something away from Lorelai again, maybe even the one thing she fears of losing The Shadow Queen is one of the most boring retellings I have ever read I mean, nothing happened until the end Actually, until the end was coming The book is longer than 300 pages, and before those 300 pages, nothing happened After page 301, there was finally some cool elements showing up Sure, we had those typical fantasy elements where there is magic, a king shifting into a dragon, a talking hawk, and the typical mirror on the wall But even with that, I was still so disappointed with the start of it First of all, Lorelai I m just gonna call her Lor She was arrogrant, whiny, and took everything too far at first Thanks to Kol, she managed to make a few changes in herself but even with Kol, she always wanted to be first and ahead beause she wanted to do everything She wasn t all that strong, and Kol was She planned on taking Irina alone but would sometimes fail and even before meeting kol, she showed off a little by trying to enter to side to enter the kingdom, leaving Kol quite shocked She wasn t a ruthless princess, not at all But she wasn t a fierce one either She was just weak, arrogant, and cold minded She thought about herself all the time after view spoiler losing her brother Leo hide spoiler

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    2.5 stars The Shadow Queen is a YA retelling of Snow White I always really love fairy tale retellings and the cover is beautiful, so color me intrigued.The book begins with a once upon a time backstory that very quickly explains how the evil Queen Irina came to rule Ravenspire by killing the king and how Princess Lorelai became a fugitive at large The story then picks up nine years later Lorelai is determined to get her rightful throne back, but in the meantime she must get better at using magic Magic is the most important thing when it comes to defeating Irina That s the one thing both Irina and Lorelai have that no one else in Ravenspire does because they are Mardushkas, which is only passed through the bloodlines of the Morcant Lorelai must hide from the queen until she believes she is strong enough to defeat her.The princess hasn t forgotten about her people who are suffering under Irina s reign Her young brother, prince Leo, and Gabril help her to steal food from the garrison that basically belongs to the queen and give it to the starving people of Ravenspire This all felt pretty Robin Hood esque to me I appreciated the additional nod to a classic tale.There s another side to the story We meet Prince Kol, the second born prince of Eldr a neighboring kingdom to Ravenspire The kingdom is experiencing an invasion of ogres that their own army can t deal with due to magic Kol s father and brother are killed making Kol the king, even though that was always supposed to be his brother s path Fun twist about Eldr is that the people are Draconi meaning they can shift into dragons Yes..Kol is a dragon too I guess that is pretty awesome Kol decides to go to Ravenspire in an attempt to solve the ogre invasion He plans to make a deal with Queen Irina asking her to use her magic to defeat the ogres What Irina wants in return leads to Kol becoming the huntsman She wants Kol to find Lorelai and bring her to the queen.There is a whole lot to the plot, but that is pretty much the basis to the story To be completely honest, at times I was bored That s where my rating kicks in Other than that, I enjoyed the author s twist on Snow White There was plenty of action and some romance involved The characters were a bit underdeveloped, but perhaps they were supposed to be their stereotypical counterparts.I love the that this is the first in a series of stand alone novels They are supposed to be set in the adjoining kingdoms we see in the map at the beginning of the novel I hope we see some of the characters we ve already met again I m curious what other retellings will be included.If you are a fan of YA fairy tale retellings or just really love Snow White, you will probably enjoy The Shadow Queen.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via edelweiss.

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    Thank Gosh I read this I LOVE the characters so much The Plot might get 4 stars, but the main couple and their relatioship definitely get 5 stars from me So this book got my 4.5 adorable stars D No review for awhile, guys I want to read first LOL Whatever if you love fairy tale retelling, just go and read it Gosh I love Kol and Lorelai so much, Did I just say again that I love them

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    I can t decide whether I was impressed or disappointed by this book I loved the concepts and the world, and it reminded me a lot of the show Once Upon a Time and Snow White and The Huntsman, but I felt really indifferent towards the main character, Lorelai.I simply did not particularly like or care for her I actually found her to be super condescending and I don t even think she realized it She was constantly saying, Oh, I m the queen of Ravenspire I m the most powerful mardushka in the land Blah blah blah We get that you re the most powerful mardushka and all but it wouldn t hurt to humble yourself even just a little It got to the point where I just got annoyed by her and couldn t take anything she said or did seriously.On top of that, the romance was just so cringeworthy It felt so AWKWARD, and Kol and Lorelai had ZERO chemistry Their dialogue was so cheesy and unoriginal They were, by far, the most boring couple I ve ever had to endure in a book I loved Kol as a character and I loved the dragon concepts that were in The Shadow Queen, but the romance in this book made me shudder In fact, I think Viktor and Irina s relationship, was far intriguing than that of Kol and Lorelai s I would have rather read an origin story about the Evil Queen and her loyal lover.Overall, I thought The Shadow Queen was really SLOW and SUPER DRAGGED ON There were definitely a good amount of action scenes but even then, the story still felt dull and boring to me It took me awhile to get through it because it just put me in a reading slump Nothing in this book really excited me and I wasn t exactly dying to find out what happens next The Shadow Queen didn t really leave a lasting impression on me and it definitely didn t land on list of top retellings.I m a huge fan of everything Disney and retellings and I can see people liking this book, but this one just didn t work out for me.

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    I didn t realize this was a snow white retelling, so I guess I read two books doing fairy tale retellings in a row Lorelai is on the run, hiding out from her aunt Irina who uses her magic to control Revenspire and sit on the thrown that rightly belongs to Lorelai It took me about a third of the book to get into the book, the book is YA and I guess I ve gotten all old and sad and can t appreciate things as much so for the whole first third I was just like what is this writing I did eventually get into it and it wasn t too bad Its just an average YA book in my opinion It s not particularly bad but I wasn t impressed either or in love with it Wish there wasn t so much just telling and that there was some subtlety in the book, I don t think anything about YA books makes it so you can t do that.

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